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Contractors gain valuable information at summer seminar

Posted by: Mark Jones 18 Aug 15 - 2:06PM  | Recruitment

Last Thursday evening (13th August) Jonathan Lee Contracts Limited hosted a contractor clinic to update contractors on the recent summer budget and its implications on the UK’s flexible labour workforce.

The event, which was hosted at the impressive Scarman House on the Warwick University campus gave contractors the opportunity to sample some complimentary gifts and refreshments whilst hearing from one of the UK’s leading Umbrella companies, Danbro.

In association with Danbro, our approved partner for Umbrella and Accountancy services, a full house of expectant contractors were given a presentation by Chris Oxley, Business Development Accountant of Danbro who highlighted four main areas for discussion.

Firstly, Chris discussed dividend taxation and the impending changes due from April 2016. Secondly, he looked into the Employment Allowance and how small businesses and personal service companies may need to consider revising salary strategies in response to pending changes.

Chris also highlighted the high profile changes due to affect tax relief available on travel and subsistence expenses. Finally, he investigated the potential consequences of the IR35 reform, currently at consultation stage but likely to have significant impact on all of those contractors operating their own limited companies.

With such timely and pertinent topics being discussed, the clinic was extremely popular and very well attended. Chris’s presentation stimulated a great deal of interest and a variety of questions about contractors and end users alike.

After the clinic we asked Chris for his thoughts on the issues that had been raised to which he commented “The contractor clinic was a great success. We were able to engage with Contractor’s who are directly affected by the proposed changes in the Summer Budget and give them a better understanding of what this means for them.

The main concerns raised were around the Travel and Subsistence Review and also thechanges to Dividend Tax. After the presentation, we were able speak to the attendees on a one-to-one basis, providing specific advice and tax saving tips which should prove invaluable for the forthcoming tax year.

In summary, David Powers, Aftersales Manager at Jonathan Lee Recruitment stated “It appears obvious that with so many impending taxation changes there needs to be some detailed discussions taking place between contractors, accountants and umbrella companies, agencies and end users. Consistency, uniformity and clarity will be essential to meet the need for establishing a status quo that retains a motivated and engaged flexible workforce whilst meeting the demands and requirements of the end user.”

“It is important for contractors to retain the services and advice of a knowledgeable and specialist accountant such as Danbro to ensure that they are best positioned to respond as the changes take effect. Jonathan Lee Recruitment will be working closely with Danbro and our end clients to ensure that we can facilitate the most effective and compliant solution for all of our customers.”

We will be running more events and clinics over the coming months so please visit our website for further information.

For further information on Danbro, please visit

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