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Charity netball match raises money for Wear it Pink

Posted by: Katherine Garratt 18 Nov 14 - 4:22PM  | Recruitment
Earlier this month, Jonathan Lee Recruitment competed in a charity netball match against Eyespace-Eyewear to raise money for Wear it Pink. While the team unfortunately didn’t quite triumph, it was certainly a very good effort against a strong team with some very good netball players.

The Jonathan Lee Recruitment team, which was made up of Mark Bignell (GA), Kirsty Brannon (WA and GK), Katherine Garratt (GD), Ed Roe (WD and C), Matthew Heath (C and WD), David Powers (WA and GK) and Nick Jones (S) started the game off very well creating an opening lead with three quick goals. However, by the second quarter a change of line up in the opposing team and loss of the teams early pace, saw the score difference open up.

The third quarter was similar however Mark and Nick (our goal attackers) soon had a rhythm of trick shots and fast paced movement which seemed to completely run circles around Eyespace-Eyewear's defence. Towards the end of the quarter, the whole of our team seemed to click into gear and we were ‘smoking’ – or trying to breathe!

So bring on the 4th quarter. A good opening start and now that David had learnt where onside was, we started to flow. Some extremely good quick passing between our team seemed to have the desired effect, and the difference in score slowly diminished.

After a very fast, noisy and exciting game, the final score was 23 : 20 – yep we lost! However, a rematch is being planned! The important part is that we raised close to £80 for Wear it Pink, adding to the £159.10 already raised last month. A big thanks goes out to Jonathan Lee Recruitment Management team for covering the cost of the hall.

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