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Booming car manufacturing bring skills agenda to the fore

Posted by: Tom Webb-Skinner 24 Jan 14 - 9:47AM  | Automotive

 The Recruiter recently covered the fantastic news that UK car manufacturing has hit a six year high of 1.5 million vehicles and put this next to the comments from Sir James Dyson about his recruitment drive, sparking a debate about skills.

Henry Noteman, Associate Director of Resourcing Solutions at Jonathan Lee Recruitment gave a comment to The Recruiter for the article:

“Dyson is a great example of how to present yourself as a company if you want to attract the best people: innovative cutting-edge developers of market-leading technology. Their announcement of wanting 3,000 extra staff and the timescale they are talking about will make the proposition a serious challenge, but the way they present themselves to prospective recruits is something the rest of the UK’s industry should model itself on.”

You can read the full article online by clicking here.

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