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4 changes to make on your Facebook profile today

Posted by: Tom Webb-Skinner 19 Mar 13 - 9:16AM  | Recruitment

According to a recent survey, 92% of companies are currently or will soon start using social media as an integral part of their recruitment process and believe (or like) it or not, the majority say that this includes Facebook.

There are a few things you may want to do today to avoid getting caught out if you want a potential employer to find you on Facebook.

 Update your work and education info. Your Facebook profile contains a section ‘work and education’ – make sure that this is as complete as possible if a company is to stand any chance of finding you!

2) And ‘like’ things that are relevant to you professionally. Again, increase your visibility to an employer by showing that you are motivated by the things that matter to you professionally. Find companies that interest you and engage with them – often as simple as clicking ‘like’.

3) Review your photos. Are they all pictures that you are happy for a prospective employer to see? Are you happy for your Mum to see them come to think of it? Have a double check!

4) Check your privacy settings. You can still set your Facebook so that only your verified friends can see pretty much all the info about you, activity, photos, videos, likes etc. A key thing to check on is whether parts of your profile are viewable to ‘friends of friends’ – did you know this is over 50,000 people?!

This isn’t designed to scare you or put you off using this as a way to find a new job. You don’t really need to do an awful lot, just make sure that someone can find you if they want to and that – when they do find you – you are happy with what image of you they’d get.

Not bothered about a company being able to find you?

You can always change your settings so that the only people who can see any of this (and indeed can even find you on Facebook) are people you’ve said are your friends.

However, given that 26% of companies say they have already used Facebook to hire new employees, you may want to think twice about that!

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This is great advice! I've just shared it with my network too. Just out of curiosity - where did you get the stats from?
Posted by: Alex, Date 09 April 2013, 03:53 PM
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