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3 Top tips to make your CV stand out

Posted by: Mark Jones 24 Nov 15 - 4:13PM  | Recruitment

3 Top tips to make your CV stand out.

I’m sure you can imagine that a recruitment consultancy of our size and long-standing sees Careers advicethousands of CVs every month, covering a wide variety of skill sets, experience levels and from countries all over the world.

Some think that the time for CVs will soon be over and that they will be replaced with other media (social media, LinkedIn profiles etc) but this change has yet to materialise so make your CV stand out from the crowd and maybe get you the interview for that dream job!

Short & Sweet…

Your CV needs to be easy to read and digest. Stick to one or two pages and focus detail in your employment and educational background that is directly relevant to the roles you are seeking.  Focus on achievements which have more impact than endless paragraphs about your day to day responsibilities.

Keywords are Key…

If you’ve uploaded your CV to a jobs board so recruiters can find you, keywords are verycareers advice important.  Job titles and job buzzwords will help a search engine pick out your CV from the pile.

Confused? Don't be. A marketing candidate might mention SEO (Search Engine Optimization), social media, direct marketing and digital campaigns among their experience and skills, for example. If you're not sure, have a search online and see what words are commonly mentioned when you input your job title.

Make it Personal

The statement or profile section at the beginning of the CV should state what you have done in the past, what you want to do next and the skills that bridge the two. It should sum up the whole document and explain to the reader why your application is relevant to them. Avoid making your CV look like a skills list – it needs to stand out from the crowd, keep it simple and specific.

careers advice cvWith your newly drafted CV you can now take full advantage of our website and experienced recruitment team by registering your CV with us today and receive job alerts for when relevant jobs become available. CLICK HERE.

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