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'Tough Guy' James Tilley completes challenge for Dogs Trust

Posted by: Katherine Garratt 3 Feb 15 - 12:25PM  | Recruitment

A huge well done goes to Jonathan Lee Recruitment’s James Tilley who competed in the Tough Guy challenge in Wolverhampton, this weekend.

James and teammate Andy Jamieson completed the 15 kilometre run in ‘arctic conditions’, at one point facing temperatures of -3°C when at an altitude of 50ft. Tough Guy is one of the most gruelling physical and mental endurance challenges in the world, with up to one-third of the starters failing to finish in a typical year. Obstacles included crawling through flooded underground tunnels, balancing planks across a fire pit, and a half-mile wade through chest-deep muddy water.

'Tough Guy' James Tilley and Andy Jamieson complete challenge for Dogs Trust

'Tough Guy' James Tilley 'before'  'Tough Guy' James Tilley mid way through the challenge

“It was the most brutal and physically demanding thing I have ever done” says James Tilley “ I pushed myself to the limit for the whole 3 hours 50 minutes. I felt frozen to the core and even got mild hyperthermia. It took me about 3 hours afterwards to feel any heat, but it was well worth it and such a great feeling when we finished!”
“I would recommend anyone to give it a go but please don’t ask me to join because I won’t be doing it EVER again! It really does live up to its name. A massive thank you goes out to everyone who sponsored me.”

James has raised money for the Dogs Trust charity, reaching his sponsorship target of £500. For more information and to donate to the worthy cause please follow this link:

Congratulations James!

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